Arranging a clinic from across the pond

Organising spay clinics is always a challenge! The people we try the hardest to reach are the people who live in the remote villages along this coast where the daily wage is around $10-15 a day (if you’re lucky enough to have a job) and accessible transport is effectively non-existent. We try to bring the… Continue reading Arranging a clinic from across the pond


Another learning experience

So things here have been running smoothly as ever. We had another excellent clinic a couple of weeks ago. Sandy and Renee managed to get 10 animals on the table and although we had some complicated cases, it was another successful day! Although I’ve always been a dog lover, I’ve never really known that much… Continue reading Another learning experience

Just another spay in paradise

It feels like forever ago now, but August saw our biggest and most successful clinic since the start of our ‘Panama Dogs’ venture with the dogs here in Panama. Our amazing vet, Sandy, and her wonderful assistant Renee worked for a grueling day and a half and managed to spay and neuter no less than… Continue reading Just another spay in paradise