About Panama Dog Rescue

Panama Dog Rescue has been operating since 2014 in and around the Portobelo National Park – a beautiful and remote part of Panama on the Caribbean coast. Our main focus is on setting up low cost sterilization clinics in the area as we really believe that a one of the biggest problems is a growing population of animals that are competing for a limited amount of food and shelter.

We are also committed to alleviating the suffering of our furry friends whenever we can and get out and about as much as possible to give out food, water, medicine and of course, plenty of love and attention! We also try to rehabilitate and rehouse the stray animals in the area, both to homes inside Panama or to new homes abroad.

LiFe can be hard for the street animals here, but we are encouraged every day by how much difference we can make when we put our  minds to it. Whether it is watching a sick animal recover, a street animal find a new home or an underweight pup finally putting some weight on, we see change here every day.

Panama Dog Rescue is only possible through donations and volunteers. If you would like to support us, please make a donation or get in touch and come volunteer with us!


Bitcoin Adress: 13L6WKyQMgYMpQPZBEVdttZ6McVYJYpEDL