Better late than never…..

Later than planned but (finally) here’s a small piece all about the Spay Panama clinic earlier this year and the incredible people who helped make this such a success. We’ll blame the delay on being on such a high following the overwhelming support we received!

If you aren’t already aware, Spay Panama is professional non-profit organisation who work hard to deliver low cost spay clinics on a huge scale. After 15 years they are a well oiled machine and it was such a joy to work with them to complete this round of spaying here in Puerto Lindo at the Linton Bay Marina club house which was generously loaned to us for the day.

Big thanks to the 25 strong team (including 7 vets) that were sent down from Spay Panama and a huge thank you to our team of boaters, locals and gringos who all worked tirelessly from 9-3. And huge thanks to everyone who showed us some support in anyway – we really could not have done this with out all of your time, energy and love not just on the day but in the lead up too.

We love you!

Of course alongside the hands on support of our volunteers we had financial friends too who helped make this happen. Thank you to all of our generous sponsors including Lora and Leslie and their donors through their gofundme site ‘Support Panama Rescues’. Leslie also volunteered on the day so you deserve a double thank you.

The final thanks go to the 103 lovely dogs and cats who we spayed and cuddled on the day. Thanks for being such brave hairy beasts!

There is such a desire in the community here to make a change that we’re already working hard to get another date for the next BIG spay, so if you want to be involved in anyway, please get in touch with us at


Bitcoin Adress: 13L6WKyQMgYMpQPZBEVdttZ6McVYJYpEDL


Panama Dog Rescue is only possible through donations and volunteers. If you would like to support us, please make a donation or get in touch and come volunteer with us!


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