Final Spay of the Year

While Sandy, our amazing volunteer vet was in the area, she managed to squeeze us in for one final epic clinic of 2016 and here are some fantastic pictures of them at work and our patients before, during and after. Sandy and Renee yet again did a fantastic job and managed to fit in 14 animals this time round – an all time record for Panama Dog Rescue so far! And a huge thank you goes out this month to Leslie and Laura who have been raising money through their own gofundme page – Spay the Strays of Panama and donated a huge $100 to our efforts which allowed us to increase the number in the clinic plus buy some much needed medicines!

When I met Leslie to receive the donation, I realised just how many people there are in Panama who are doing their own little bits to help with rescue, adoption, fostering, neutering, medicine and much, much more. From offering a ride to the vet, to taking in an animal in need, people all over Panama are motivated to alleviate the suffering of our companions, strays and street animals and this fills me with hope.

Since we started organising clinics in our own small corner here on the Costa Arriba, we have noticed a huge increase in local interest. At least once a week I am asked for advice, medicine, or for another animal to be put onto the list for the next clinic. Poor old Sandy doesn’t realise that next time she’s down here, we won’t be letting her leave! In all seriousness, with the growing numbers we have, we need to do something here on a bigger scale and that’s why we’re looking forward to teaming up with one of the larger organisations in Panama City who have their own mobile clinics. We are hoping very, very much to do this in the first couple of months of 2017 and we desperately need help!

We will be engaging in some fund raising activities over the coming weeks and will be on the look out for volunteers who could help us on the ground, with transport, donating much needed supplies (old towels, medicines, collars, leashes) and of course, helping us raise the funds to get take this to the next level!

Here’s to everything we’ve done in 2016 and the clinics of 2017……

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