Another learning experience

So things here have been running smoothly as ever. We had another excellent clinic a couple of weeks ago. Sandy and Renee managed to get 10 animals on the table and although we had some complicated cases, it was another successful day!

Although I’ve always been a dog lover, I’ve never really known that much about the medical side of things and every clinic teaches me something new. This time round, we had a young dog on the table who had such bad ehrlichiosis (an illness passed on by ticks) that her organs were so inflamed inside and we could not find her uterus. We closed her up and gave her a course of anti-biotics and she is first in line for our next clinic.

It makes me realise though that having a pet in the first world really is a luxury which we take for granted. We have full access to all the information we need to keep our animals healthy and happy and buying or adopting an animal is not something we do lightly. Here there is just not that access to information and as the nearest vet is around an hour away by car, spaying and neutering are not that common. The dog and cat population is always expanding and there is not enough money to go round to treat and protect every animal.

Our focus has always been on helping where we can with food and medicine and arranging clinics so we can help control the population somewhat. Please think about donating whatever you can so we can so we can continue to help our furry friends here on the Costa Arriba! You can use our paypal account or email me at for more options or info.

Finally, like our new facebook page which is dedicated to lots of super cute dog pics to brighten up your day here -

Thank you again for all of your help.



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